Drake&ColdPlays Mixtape “Octobers Very Cold”

So I recently Stumbled across this Mixtape Drake and Coldplay did together. Its pretty sick! They mixed and remixed their songs to match all of drakes songs. I dont know if you’ve noticed but sense lil wayne has been in jail and wont be out for another 127 days he pretty much put Drake in Charge of the Young Money Army and has him just getting featured and coming out on everything just as Wayne did the past few years and its literally been working perfectly for drake. He is on everything right now and his new album is amazing and he has this mixtape that came out that is just as good! So sense im such a nice guy I took the time to take some of the songs i enjoyed off his Mixtape and Album *Thank Me Later* and am going to share them with you to download. So hope you like them. Enjoy!

{Download}Drake – Ever Lost

{Download}Drake – Troubles Over

{Download}Drake – Lose Your Love (Extended Verison)

{Download}Drake Ft. Kayne – Show me a Good Time

There all secure download links, so dont worry, and let me know what you guys think of the Coldplay drake stuff. Hope you all have a great tuesday.



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