Lance Coury is Everywhere!

Via: Lance Coury Blog

2010 Swatch Free4Style was better then ever, with fans overpacking the viewing area, to all of the riders throwing down! At the end of the night the results for the contest were in.

1st. Levi Sherwood

2nd. Mat Rebeaud

3rd. Lance Coury

Not to mention he also just got invited to Summer X-games  2010 for freestyle Moto! Big ups to you buddy, Keep doing your thing, I’m stoked to see and hear your doing so well! I have the Line up

Via: Expn

Right as I was about to head out the door to begin my three-day holiday weekend, an updated X Games invite list arrived via email in my inbox. A lot of top riders and internet super-fans have been voicing their anger, frustration and disappointment regarding the current X Games invite process via the forums. However, after viewing the latest invite list update, it seems as if the X Games honchos are taking notice to the internet chatter.

Take a look at the new Best Trick and Freestyle list below. Notable additions to Best Trick are Australian Clint Moore, Rich Kearns (Alternate), and Taka Higashino (Alternate). And for Freestyle, Taka Higashino, Rob Adelberg (Alternate), Lance Coury (Alternate), Nixey Danielson (Alternate), and Jim McNeil (Alternate). I’ve also been told that Brody Wilson has been locked down for Freestyle, but for some reason he’s not on the latest list. And no, there’s no sign of Beau Bamburg in Best Whip as of yet. Lame, I know.

As we all know, the invite list changes regularly, so stay tuned for the latest.

Just so you can see the line up for the Freestyle line up, Lance is the 3rd name down on the Freestyle Category”

Also Lance met a celeb at Dukes in malibu last night, he was so pumped because as he said Via twitterI’m ended up using the urinal next to The man… The myth… The legend… Ron effing Jeremy!!!!!!!” haha if you dont know who he is just google him & youll understand why he was so stoked!



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