Hotel Charley 5 First Descent Official Trailer!

Yeah…. White Water Rafting really isn’t my style…. BUT it is for these guys that are just in my eyes out of there effing minds. I dont see how going off 120ft cliffs in a raft seems fun at all haha! Check the rest of it out here.

Via: H20 Films

Kokatat team memebers Ben Stookesberry, Jesse Coombs, Darin McQuoid, and Chris Korbulic take the search for first descents to the next level in the 5th most Dramatic installment of the Hotel Charley Series. On a quest to attempt still untested Class V, a team of expedition kayakers attempts to run the river through the deepest Canyon in North America in interior Mexico.

As in Mountaineering, the Himalaya offer the most rewarding and complicated whitewater expeditions in the sport, and the team travels to a remote corner of India to challenge these Himalayan River Giants. With a grand finale in search of the largest runnable waterfalls on earth in Mato Grosso, Brazil; The First Descent emerges as a one of a kind endeavor in search of high adventure and adrenaline in the sublime landscape of the world’s most spectacular rivers.



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