People Forgive, But They Don’t Forget Lebron

Truthfully speaking, I have mixed emotions on lebron going to miami. I think honestly he should of atleast been 100% completely honest with cleveland instead of kind of leaving them high and dry as well as Winning atleast 1 championship before he left there! With that being said, I can see from his perspective why he chose the miami heat also, he needs to win a championship and his thoughts are that he can do it with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch. So i hope nothing but the best of lebron and  the rest of his career. I really hope he is able to get atleast one Championship ring because if he doesn’t…. Well lets just say people will NEVER let him live this possible mistake down.

Via: Uncrate

Like all of Ohio, we’ll never forgive him, but if you’re jumping on the 3-way bandwagon, you might as well pick up the new Adidas Miami Heat LeBron James Jersey ($45) on your way to order your season tickets. At least you can look good while he burns in hell South Beach. Also: Go Lakers.



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