Lexus LFA Tested on Top Gear!

Lexus LFA on Top Gear, Richard Hammond also recently wrote a review of the supercar for the British daily, the Mirror. It reads much like his on-air segment, singing praises of the LFA’s bespoke construction and exotic performance, while again resorting to hang-ups over the price and brand image.

Via: Richard Hammond

The V10 howls and shrieks and there is an enormous amount of shove from the moment you hit the throttle and wait for the stars to blur either side as you leave the mothership. The stars didn’t actually blur but it felt like they might – 552bhp is a lot of power and the 9,000rpm redline is always within reach, the engine spinning up with a tempting willingness. It wants to play and no mistake It does feel special, make no bones about it. The width, the futuristic interior, the digital clocks, the howling V10 and the exotic materials all put this car somewhere beyond the norm. But at over 300 grand, is it ever going to be far enough beyond the rest of the pack? A Ferrari 458 costs $250,000, a last of the line Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670, $250,000. And those two have Ferrari and Lamborghini badges. This has a Lexus badge….. and its $300,000



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