Sam Adam – You Girl

Via: WebSamuel Adams is an up and coming rapper out of the Boston area.

Sam Adams emerged into the music industry with no hip-hop past, and first surfaced on the internet with his ‘I Hate College (Remix)’, a remix of Asher Roth‘s I Love College, which Wisner released on YouTube. He was able to launch his EP, Boston’s Boy, released on 4 March 2010 by 1st Round Records.[4] The EP, Boston’s Boy, was released on iTunes where it made the # 1 spot. This caused controversy with him being accused of buying his own EP to make it the #1 spot. But with Billboard backing him proving the sales came from all over, the sales were proved to be legitimate.

He had previously released a single named ‘Kimber’ honoring his friend Warren “Kim” Kimber who recently died in his sophomore year at Hobart College. Kimber attended The Pingry School[5]in New Jersey.
In the end of June 2010, Wisner finished his next mixtape ‘Party Records Mixtape’ in London, (not released yet) it will be released. He also plans on his first full album to come out at the end of the 2010 summer.

{Download} Sam Adams- You Girl



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