Shout Out to: TwentyFive Productions LostBoys/ Nipsey Hussle – Feelin’ Myself Music video

Via: Lost Boys/25 Productions Blog

Afternoon family…Last week I was privileged enough to work on probably one of the coolest shoots i’ve done yet. It was a music video for Nipsey Hussle featuring Llyod for “Feelin Myself.” The entire video was shot in his neighborhood, in Inglewood, which made the entire project so interesting. The neighborhood we shot in the heart of gang territory for the bloods and crips. I have done some productions in neighborhoods like this before and there is always a premonition, not always from me, that something is going to go wrong. But nothing did, it was in fact the exact opposite. It isn’t everyday you see such a genuine unity, like I saw in Nipseys neighborhood. There was such a strong sense of commitment and togetherness for their neighborhood. I took some cool shots from my blackberry. I just wanted to thank everyone that came out and helped, too many to name. Cant wait to see the finished product. Everyone else be on the lookout too!!

{Download} Nipsey Hussle – Feelin\’ Myself

Big ups to Colin, CC, JR, Adam and the rest of the lostboys family!!!



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