Oregon University Football team lives the life

From what ive heard, and scene they get new jersey,new helemets,new cleats, and gloves and whatever else they may want, every game, every practice! Godbless NIKE!  So when you do the math, if you come in to oregon as a freshmen playing football, by the time your a senior you will have never worn the same jersey twice… Haha! So crazy

Via: Nike Blog

After a year of waiting, the University of Oregon has finally debuted the carbon Oregon football helmet, albeit in practice. No logos attached to it yet, but they’re still looking absolutely superlative. Check out one more view under the cut. (A close-up, to boot.) To clarify, this is a carbon-dipped silver helmet.Via @duckfootball and @OregonFootball.

Look at all those helmets on the shelves!!!

Come on now you can’t tell me you wouldnt wear that, or travel in style on that plane!

FYI my buddy Bryan Bennett is up there this year with his bestfriend Hroniss Grasu, heres a little sneakpeak on them and what they are all about!



One response

  1. Nunya

    Firstly, it’s the University of Oregon, not Oregon University. Secondly, the plane you have pictured is a passenger plane for Horizon Airlines. It is not a private charter plane for the team. Every PAC-12 team has a color scheme for their planes and schools such as Boise State also has one. Thirdly, practices are closed practices and they don’t get new helmets and jerseys just for practice. Lastly, good lord learn to spell and use proper grammar.

    April 29, 2012 at 1:52 pm

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