Johnny CupCakes Tuesday Tips: Creative Thinking

I read JC’s blog everyday, its probably one of the most inspirational blogs i read because i actually read what he writes and it motivates me to go and try  and make a difference & even just get out of my element and try something new/different or whatever it may be. So Here is some words of wisdom i thought needed to be shared with those of you that check out my blog.

A lot of people ask me advice about starting a business. I could go on for hours on tips, advice, opinions, lessons, just like I do in my lectures. But if I have to give someone a quick bit of advice, it’s usually about creative thinking. Let’s be honest, it’s difficult these days to do something completely original. So is it near impossible to start a business? Nope. However, it is a bit more of a challenge. Don’t let that scare you away. A challenge is always good. If starting a business was easy, then everyone would be doing it and it wouldn’t make owning a business that special.

Anyways, what I often stress is thinking outside of the box. Being original. The first thing you should ask yourself when starting a business, is; Why would someone appreciate this that much more than the another similar business? What’s going to set my business apart? You will then start the creative thinking process, brainstorming & list-making(my favorite thing to do). Almost everything has been done — it’s all about how you reinvent it. Think creatively and you should find your answers.

Thanks for that Johnny


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