A Massive Vacation Home in the Jungles of Costa Rica


Private luxury resorts are no longer a thing exclusive to the rich and famous. Now it’s not uncommon for families to go on retreats and host destination reunions in the middle of these remotely enchanting locations. On the outskirts of this Costa Rican jungle, sits a 6,500 sq. foot 5-star luxury vacation home with a treetop view of the forest and below the cliffs, soothing sounds of the Pacific ocean! The building’s exterior looks like the skeleton of a home being built, but that was by design.

Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world and in this tropical climate, the ‘green’ way to keep this massive home cool is allowing the warm breeze to flow throughout these refreshing indoor/ outdoor living spaces. So go ahead, let yourselves in and float through this contemporary tropical delight of a home…just don’t forget the bug spray!



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