ALEXIS LOPEZ : Primitives Valley Local Hottie!

Via: Primitive

How do I begin to describe Alexis Lopez?

First off, you can’t tell exactly what ethnicity she is, which we all love here at Primitive.
Once you get to know her, you quickly learn that she’s a goofy, down to earth girl, who happens to be beautiful and motivated.
Having already established herself as an actress and model, she has an extremely promising future ahead of herself.
Needless to say, we’re more than happy to welcome her to the team.

After you read her twenty questions interview and view the behind the scenes video of our photo shoot, you’ll be well acquainted with our new friend.
Expect to see her featured on a Spring Primitive tee this March.

Produced/Directed by Jubal Jones & Andy Netkin
Photography by Hermie Jimenez
Videography by Jeffery Woodings
Video Edited by Damon Brestwer
Makeup by Elisabetta Clarizio


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