Apple iPad 2

Was I right, or was I right? Steve Jobs and Apple released another new product again. The iPad 2 ! Lets just put it this way its Faster/Thinner/Smarter/ Has Cameras now. In my opinion Steve and apple plan to take over the world, but thats just my opinion so it really doesn’t matter. What does matter tho is all the people that try and hate on the iPad and let alone just Apple. Saying Android is better system and the new Motorola tablet is way cooler and fast  blah blah  blah. What all you apple haters aren’t seeing is the point that apple is company that is about Quality and Quantity. So when you get hired and your soon to be 9 – 5 and they say here’s your apple computer or iPhone/iPad I want to see you say apple is shit then. Get with it, this company is going to be around for a very long time whether you like it or not.



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