Apple iPad 2 Keynote Today



Apple Announces March 2 iPad Event

It looks like the new iPad may see an arrival soon as Apple recently sent out invitations to their special event in San Francisco on March 2, 2011. The iPad 2 will undoubtedly welcome another wave of customers to Apple’s already loyal fanbase while increasing sales considerably for its popular tablet. Stay tuned for a closer look into the iPad in a little bit over a week.


Hex iPod Nano Watch

Via: Hypebeast

Creative brand Hex presents its latest design, specifically designed to make the iPod Nano into a wristwatch, for those looking to carry it in a more convenient form. Priced at $25 USD, the watch is produced from silicone with cut-outs for the iPod’s functions and nine vibrant colors to match just about any style.


Strictly Business

My Newest Way of Blogging…

Future of Screen Technology Possibly by 2014!!!

If this is what it going to come down to… I’ll be blogging anywhere and everywhere! Its funny to me in the video below because they show Apple products mixed in with the future, like iphone,apple keyboards & mouses, you dont see any blackberries or PC, and they say thats the Business World, We’ll see how long this BlackBerry Messenger, and MircoSoft Excel Last for.


New Product is here…

So yeah apples stuff is in stores this week. For all you kids that weren’t so lucky to get your parentals to change over to AT&T service or just because somebody told you the BLACKBERRY was soo much sicker and Black Berry Messenger was amazing and your now finding out BBM is annoying because ppl bitch at you when you dont respond to their messages! WELP! Heres your chance to join the cool Kids and get your facetime going on with all your other friends who ditched their blackberries and went with Team Iphone. Trust me, you wont regret this.


Apple/Mac is at it again!

So if you didn’t already know 3 new devices just came out again!

Starting with ….

The New Smaller/less expensive/ bigger hard drive Apple TV

Then the New Ipod Nano!

And of Course the New Ipod Touch for those of you that are stuck with Verizon and Want to Facetime Heres your Chance

Apples taking over the World. Literally!