Lindsay Lohan – A Richard Phillips Film

Transitioning from her early days as a Disney movie actress to now becoming somewhat of a cult figure, Lindsay Lohan has emerged through multiple battles with society and has, for the most part, done quite well in different arenas of creativity. Her latest project is being the main subject of a short film by Richard Phillips and surf-filmmaker Taylor Steele, simply title Lindsay Lohan. The piece was filmed in Malibu, California with Lindsay on house arrest, making it just a tad bit more intriguing, depending on how you look at it.


A Rare Look Inside Pixar Studios

The Pixar Animation Studios complex in California looks exactly like what you’d expect.

There are giant fluffy couches, pool and ping-pong tables and huge pictures of their most successful movies and a display case with all the studio’s Oscars.

But the public has rarely gotten to actually see behind the scenes of the studio beloved for the creation of the ‘Toy Story’ franchise, ‘Up,’ ‘Wall-E’ and numerous other favorites

The New York Times’ Melena Ryzik got the chance to go inside Pixar and talk to ‘Toy Story 3′ director Lee Unkrich, Pixar producers and animators, as well as watch them work on some familiar faces.

CLICK HERE to watch the behind the scenes tour of the Pixar Studio.


Mercedes-Benz Special Edition B-Class for Pink Ribbon

Via: Mercedes

We asked the calligraffiti artist Niels Meulman to customize a white Mercedes B-Class with hundreds of women’s names.
These names symbolise all the Dutch women for whom the Pink Ribbon foundation works tirelessly.


Mike Giant Gets Fancy!

Blue Angel Vodka wanted to know what would happen if five of their favorite directors had the exact same creative brief and budget to make a video showcasing their own unique vision of how to make a BAM aka Blue Angel Martini.

Internationally known fine artist, Mike Giant, creates a piece using stop motion plus animation.


Don’t Believe the Hype

Via: Hypebeast

Os Gemeos are currently in San Diego in anticipation of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s star-studded Viva La Revolucion exhibition slated to open on July 18th. Making their mark on the city of San Deigo, the Brazilian twins create this stunning 5 story piece. Incorporating some of their familiar characters, the piece is concluded with the caption at the very top, “Don’t Believe the Hype”. The artwork is located at the rear of Horton Plaza (G Street between 2nd and 3rd).


World Cup Stadium Spectacular

I don’t know to much about soccer aka Futbol, but i found these pics of one of the stadiums and it just seems so amazing with what architecture went into building these stadiums and also to think how crazy it would be to play on the field with the stands filled with people! I for sure wouldn’t mind trying to go to the next world cup in Brazil in 2014 to experience this scene!


Green Label Art Shop Series Commercial featuring Paul Rodriguez

Via: Hypebeast

Following up on the recently announced Green Label Art Shop Series, here’s the final product involving skater Paul Rodriguez and skater-artist Don Pendleton. The 30 second spot combines real-life footage of P-rod together with the colorful animated work of Don Pendleton. The Green Label Art initiative has been a yearly project focusing on increasing the profile of art through the help of the Mountain Dew platform. This year’s project involves 35 retailers across the US. Each retailer alongside a local artist of their choice sets out to design an exclusive can in hopes of being chosen as the campaign winner and having their can represent Mountain Dew in a nation-wide rollout next year.