Stunning Home in Hollywood Hills

Its asking price of $10 million holds a bit of contention amongst Hollywood area real estate junkies, but a few photos of this listed West Hollywood house offer a clue as to why. Savor the vast great room plan, three bedrooms, airiness and walkability. It also features a media room for those screening their own talkies before friends while enjoying the celebrity status that comes from living in this exclusive neighborhood, which is better known as the Bird Streets. The neighborhood contains several homes listed at upwards of $18 million and featuring a dozen bedrooms, half dozen baths, spacious trophy rooms, etc. The front entrance of this one seems to shut itself off from the neighborhood but takes ample advantage of the birds eye views of Los Angeles, especially from the master suite and the coolly illuminated pool and veranda.



After years of domination in the music business, 50 Cent is taking to acting in a huge way with a growing list of movies, a production company and now a base in the Hollywood Hills. Check out this sneak peak of 50′s home, complete with his blue car collection featuring a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce.

My Idea of a Bachelor Pad with a Defining Mixture of Styles

So its an apartment or you could say a bit of a penthouse, but might i add its not just all bout the fun and games. This place has quite the mature look and feel to it, and truthfully it would suit me and my friend well!

Like I said, I think it would suit me well. Heres a little History on the place. The place used to be a warehouse, but it was tastefully transformed into lofts. Interior designer Kelly Reynolds successfully restored the beauty of the old warehouse and complemented it with modern design so that the final result is a balanced mix of old and new. The apartment received a stylish makeover and some walls were demolished to create a bedroom and two bathrooms, a living space and an open kitchen. The original warehouse brick wall became the background on which modern furniture comes to life. All the mix and match created the perfect bachelor pad.


Dream Home : The Luxury Casa Son Vida 1

There are mansions and then there are mansions.  A mansion is a large and impressive space that requires a staff and lots of time to walk through, but a mansion, that’s something more like The Luxury Casa Son Vida 1. Built with the owners needs in mind for every intricacy, this huge home boasts the kind of space billionaires are used to while dripping customization that’s unique at every turn.  Built by tecARCHITECTURE on the island of Mallorca, the 8,500 square foot residence was created to erupt out of a typical Mediterranean home.


Dream Home : Sunset Plaza Residence

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Sunset Plaza Residence was designed by David Thompson and Kevin Southerland fromAssembledge Architects and is located above the Sunset Strip in the famous Hollywood Hills. Just another proof that some people really don’t hold back when it comes to building their crib, this abode seems to have it all: an impressive and uncommon architecture, an infinity pool that dazzles the senses, floor to ceiling windows and to top it all, dramatic panoramic views of Los Angeles. Defying our common perception of a comfortable home, this 5,000 sq ft residence is built in a contemporary fashion and is opened to the surrounding landscape due to movable glass walls. Moreover, the L-shape ensures good natural lighting in every room of the house. This goes to show that aside from having a jaw-dropping appearance, Sunset Plaza also has sustainable features. The interiors are imposing and breathtaking, with a layout that proves high-class tastes while in the same time allowing the home to breathe. What do you think? Impressive enough for the Hollywood Hills?



Super producer Pharrell Williams opened his Miami penthouse up for photographer Todd Selby recently and here are the results. The photos reveal Skateboard P’s love for The Family Guy, and his collection of artworks by Kaws, Takashi Murakami and Keith Haring.You too can live in a crib like this for a measly $14 million dollars. Everyday I’m hustling, hustling.

I need to step it up if i trying to stunt like Mr. Williams


Los Angeles Bliss

Some homes just live and breathe luxury.  They scream high society and induce a sort of shocking dropped jaw awe that makes you say, “Wait, did I see that place in a movie once?” The Marc Canadell  designed Nightingale Home set above California’s famed Sunset Strip does exactly that.  It’s a 9,000 square foot, five bedrooms, eight bathroom home set on one acre, and it’s absolutely astonishing. The all white two story home features a contemporary design with dark floors that contrast the home’s lighter color palette and detailed finishes that include semi-translucent glass doors, sliding transitions between the master bedroom and en suite bathroom, and other impeccable finishes meant to impress.The totally dark theater room has three couches for curling up on, but this isn’t the only place to watch a movie.  Perhaps set up as an homage to its famous “Bird Streets” location, guests can also watch movies projected on the second story wall that opens up to the backyard. The screening area is visible from the long lap pool, but moviegoers might have trouble deciding whether to watch the film or the city lights off in the distance.  In the end, this is one of the best features of The Nightingale Home.