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I’m so lost with this website I don’t know what to do with it anymore





Interview with Myself filmed by

My good friend friend Austin and I linked up last week do film a interview for a project he was doing for college. He follows the blog and felt it be best to capture a brief look on my insight and goals for the blog and my life. So check it out and let us know what you think of it! Also make sure to check out his blog


All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off.

I hope you all have been enjoying the new look to the blog, I’m going to be adding a few more things to it to try and make it a little more neat. I also will be changing the URL name soon, i will keep you update with that info as well that way you don’t have to type out my obnoxious URL name anymore. If there is anything else any of you readers would like to see or not see keep me posted and let me know that way I can make a change.


I did a photoshoot with a friend of mine Cam the other day. He is quite the amazing Photographer, these are just some of the samples of what came out. Stay tuned for more. If your Interested in doing a shoot with him let me know or contact him



Photo Courtesy: Mr. Winchell

Have a Great & Safe Weekend.


Vegas via Iphone

My apologies on taking forever to get the blog post up. I’ve been a real slacker. Due to the nature of some of the photos i took on my phone I won’t be posting on my blog because I’m not trying to get into to much trouble. Hopefully the few I did choose won’t be to bad. Hope you enjoy.

Working/Stressing/try & keep calm

So as you probably have noticed im trying to do some maitince on the blog, give it  a new look and switch the things around. So bare with me on my skills i have with CSS/HTML i promise it will be all up to date before the week is over with and with Post!! For the time being you can few my other Tumblr account by clicking the image above!