So if you don’t know a war within its own people is happenning over in LIBYA as we speak. Richard Engel from NBC was over there this week covering part of the story when all of a sudden he hits the ground as shots ring out above his head while reporting from Libya. Scary stuff!



Donations for Japan Round-Up

The events that have transpired in Japan over the last few days starting on Friday need no particular mention or reference. As a combination of earthquake, tsunami and potential nuclear destruction have been exuded their effects on Japan, there has been a strong global outreach of those getting involved. With such a heavy interest and involvement with many friends and associates in Japan, we hope for the best and for a swift recovery. Images from what remains of the town of Shintona in Miyagi prefecture, one of the areas worst affected by the Tsunami.



Driver Attacks Critical Mass in Brazil

This is ridiculous. Basically, there was a Critical Mass ride in Porto Alegre, Brazil and a driver went absolutely nuts and thrashed through the group of people. I’m going to warn you before you watch this, it’s pretty gnarly and scary to think somebody would get pissed enough to drive through a group of people, but this guy lost it.
I’m not really sure where to go with this since I’m still blown away, because i ride a bike on the daily to and from work now since i haven’t had a car since christmas, so I’m going to toss up the question… What does the driver deserve for his actions?

and to lighten the mood a little here is an epic video of a guy in the snow killing it on his bike! People are crazy.


A Rare Look Inside Pixar Studios

The Pixar Animation Studios complex in California looks exactly like what you’d expect.

There are giant fluffy couches, pool and ping-pong tables and huge pictures of their most successful movies and a display case with all the studio’s Oscars.

But the public has rarely gotten to actually see behind the scenes of the studio beloved for the creation of the ‘Toy Story’ franchise, ‘Up,’ ‘Wall-E’ and numerous other favorites

The New York Times’ Melena Ryzik got the chance to go inside Pixar and talk to ‘Toy Story 3′ director Lee Unkrich, Pixar producers and animators, as well as watch them work on some familiar faces.

CLICK HERE to watch the behind the scenes tour of the Pixar Studio.


Eminem x Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” Commercial

Via: Hypebeast

Among the front-runners for most memorable commercials of the 2011 Super Bowl which recently took place was a spot featuring Eminem and Chrysler. “Imported from Detroit” took a serious stance on the bruised and battered city of Detroit which has been the heartland of America’s automotive industry. With a cameo involving one of Detroit’s most popular figureheads, the two minute commercial takes a look through Detroit with a captivating dialog which discusses Detroit’s ability to define luxury.



Hugh Hefner, 84, and his 24-year-old girlfriend Crystal Harris are engaged. Hef tweeted, “When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory.” Yeah because she knows she is about to get a shit load of money for marrying you Hef! I’m 23 tomorrow and this girl is 24! She should be dating guys my age or a little older not somebody twice her age! Not that i have anything against Hef, I’m #justsayin she a gold digger like many many of these other girls…


Everlast Muhammad Ali Collection

Train like the greatest of all time with the Everlast Muhammad Ali Collection ($8-$110). This new signature range — literally, every product features a facsimile of Ali’s autograph — includes everything from cotton handwraps to full-size heavy bags, all manufactured to standards worthy of their namesake, and most including a hidden “Aliism” somewhere on the inside.