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The Chosen Premiere by Nike 6.0


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New from Nike 6.0 comes an extreme sports video entitled “The Chosen” as well as some fascinating behind-the-scenes insight from its star athletes and producers. According to director Lance Acord, the inspiration for the piece was the question: “How do we take these different riders and make them a part of a band – take what they do and put it on a stage?” The sport/art hybrid film emphasizes that self-expression can be achieved through many different channels including music, sports, painting, graffiti, cinematography and more. Definitely worth checking out!


Nike Chosen – Just Do It (Extended Remix)


The Nike Chosen Just Do It extended remix features footage of Nike’s best action sports athletes to a remixed version of Hanni El-Khatib’s “I Got a Thing.”



Featuring huge back country jumps, seemingly endless pillow lines, mind blowing deep powder, epic tree skiing, and unique new highlights yet to be seen in the back country. Follow Tanner after his two year recovery, taking his skiing into a new realm with a comeback segment that won’t be forgotten.

Tripple Front Flip

Bastien Destiné has recently thrown down the first Belgian triple front flip at the Belgian Championship in Les 2 Alpes. I can die happy now.

Gatorade All Day Sessions: Miami

Gatorade BMX presents the first video in a new series titled “All Day Sessions.” This premier episode pairs Nigel Sylvester and Ralphy Ramos in Miami as they ride dawn to dark, covering a lot of ground and discovering everything that the city has to offer. Stay tuned for further videos from “All Day Sessions.”

Aaron “JAWS” Homoki – Biggest Ollie Ever


BHappy Films will be releasing their third full length video “Happy Days” sometime in July. It will be a free download found at: