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Pride Summer Teaser!


Here is just a few Pics of the new Pride Summer Collection! I promise I’ll be putting the rest of  them up tomorrow.


akLAimed Go get some!

Thanks to the homie over at @AKLAIMED for sending me some #swag. Much love! Go get yours Here

Get Readddy! The Divine is Back!


West Hills Locals MMA FightersRob Gooch & Daniel Clark

So I want to give  a big shout out to Rob & Daniel for doing big things for themselves in the MMA fighting scene. Both are young guys with big goals and you better believe they are accomplishing them one step at a time.

I’ve met both Rob and Daniel threw good friends Lance Coury and Riley Harper, and I know they and myself are stoked on the fact that our boys are making a  statement in the ring, because believe me they are not to be F#%ked with in the Cage. They recently did an interview with David Norona about their next up coming fight  right here in the San Fernado Valley. So if your interested in seeing some serious ground work and Brazilian Jujitsu buy your ticket here @

Here are those Interviews I promised you.


Johnny Cupcakes New Store Opening in London!!

I’m not exactly sure if you all know who and what  Johnny Cupcakes even is, but he is opening a store in London! I’m super stoked for Johnny because he is a pretty inspirational guy that turned an idea into a company then flipped it into a lifestyle collectors item all with clothing! He runs his own company has 2 store locations 1 in L.A. and other is Boston & now is opening a 3rd over seas in london! Unlike a lot of other companies you can’t buy Johnny Cupcake clothing in retail stores its only carried at his store and his store only! So to see him opening a new location is pretty exciting stuff!


Recently I did a little test photoshoot with my boy @klandes87. I also recently have become a huge fan of Circo Red Berry and Redbull. Yeah its quite the mix! Anyway here is a few shots he took of me just being dumb. I hope you all have a good friday.

P.S. CIroc Red Berry is so good T-Pain rocks a DIAMOND CIROC RED BERRY CHAIN! #holler!

i got to get me 1 of those!

Have a good Weekend!


Latent View: Things We Do: Episode 2

Some very good friends of mine have been coming up in the blog world & have some pretty creative ideas as for what you all maybe interested it! So make sure to check out the video below and proceed to click on for more of the good stuff.

Via : latent view

The much anticipated second edition of the “Things We Do” series has finally arrived.  This episode features Zack Torres, who is a cross country runner here at UCLA, beatboxing his brains out in our living room.  It’s the funniest thing, because one would never expect something like this from Zack.  This just further shows the amazing things that us college kids do in our spare time.  Who knows what we’ll be doing next?